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Looking for more ice time?

Clinics are a great way to have even more fun ice skating!
All ages and abilities are welcome to try out our choreography skating and our Alpha-delta clinic. 
Learn to skate encouraged to try!


MONDAYS          5:05-5:30 PM (ages 4-7)

SATURDAYS        10:00-10:25(all ages)

SUNDAYS.          6:00-6:30(ages 8+)**

                          show group**

This clinic is meant as an introduction to performance ice skating.  In this group skaters will learn the artistic side of figure skating.  In this ice skating class. The skaters will learn new choreography and put it together as a program to music.  We always have the goal of performing in one of our shows, but you do not need to participate in a show to try out a choreography class.  Questions email:

$20 weekly cash or check TO: silver lining skating school. This includes 30 minutes of ice for $15 and a $5 lesson. You do NOT need to register for this clinic!

    Clinics Schedule Below


Mondays:        5:55-6:20PM (all ages)  

Saturdays:      10:30-11:00AM (all ages)

This is a skills base class that is a  follow up to the learn to skate figure skating group class.  Skaters will continue to learn new skills from the first 4 ISI figure skating levels. This ice skating class is meant as a bridge from learn to skate to private lessons. It is also a great class for new skaters who are looking for some guidance while practicing. This class is for for anyone in pre-alpha, alpha, beta, gamma or delta levels.  This class is $20 which is the price of 30 minutes of ice$15+ $5 for the lesson. You can pay weekly or by the session. REGISTER BELOW

Clinic Schedule Below

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