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Do we need skates?

Skate rentals are included in the price of your class and can be picked up in the skate room before class. They are first come first serve for style and sizing. 

Do I need to skate with my child?

No! guardians are not allowed on the ice for lessons. Our classes are divided by age and ability for safety. We do not hold any adult/child classes. 

Can we watch class?

Absolutely! The rink is open and anyone can come in and watch class. There is plenty of room in the bleachers or standing around the glass.  We ask that you stay out of the hockey boxes and the doorways. 

Are bike helmets okay?

Yes! Typically we recommend a bike helmet or a hockey helmet. Some other alternatives include skiing and equestrian helmets. Helmets will not be provided and are required. 

What class is right for my child?

Age is the biggest dividing factor among groups and learn to skate sessions.Please make sure to check the age range in the class you are registering for. Other than age-classes are always catered to the cohort of students that sign up each session

1.5 years old REALLY?

Yes! if you can walk, you can skate! Learning how to ice skate is more about your skaters' disposition than age. We have taught many 1.5-3 year olds how to skate over the years and we look forward to this age group each session!

What should we wear?

Your skater should wear warm layers that they can easily move in. Snowsuits can be good as long as it allows for full range of motion. Gloves/mittens are encouraged- the cloth fitted ones are best. Your skater should be able to crawl and getup from the ground as well as pick things up with their hands. 

What is snowballs

snowballs is the name we use for our young learner program. Most of these classes are geared towards kids ares1.5-6 or 1.5-3 depending on the class section. Snowballs hockey is for skaters who are not ready for a traditional learn to play or who can't fit into the full hockey gear yet. 

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